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Why Use content247

Here are just a few reasons why we think you should use our platform

Centralise Your Production

Control all your campaign production including the ability to work with multiple agencies.

Manage Your Assets

Store and manage all your brand assets, artwork and images in one secure place and access them anywhere in the world from any device.

Control Your Campaigns

Maintain control and access real time information on campaign progress.

Encourage Team Collaboration

Coordinate, manage and maintain an audit trail of all communication via an “easy to use” timeline like basecamp.

Uphold Your Brand Identity

Maintain a history and holistic view of how your brand is being used across all your content.

Increase Your Speed to Market

Empower your team to reduce costs and increase speed to market by versioning their digital content with the online editing tool.

Enable Transparency

View what is being worked on and by whom without being intrusive.

Brief & Manage Multiple Agencies

Dynamic briefing ensures your team creates consistent and quality briefs to everyone, everytime.

Reduce Your Costs

Reduce costs by using an off the shelf platform and defining menu pricing across all content production.

Improve Your ROI

Increase ROI on creative expenditure through the reuse of assets by sharing and promoting new and exciting content with all stakeholders.

Make Proofing Easier

Enable multiple stakeholders to view, compare and annotate proofs as soon as they are uploaded.

Maintain Version Control

Automatic version control of uploaded proofs ensures you can backtrack at any time to download previous versions.

Access From Anywhere

Work without geographic borders with a centralised cloud based system.

Encourage Teamwork and Sharing

Encourage teamwork and ownership by allowing stakeholders to ‘like’ and share their preferred content.

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